Who We Are.

In A Compromised World, We Grow Perfection.

805 Farmily cultivates sustainable artisan cannabis from the hills of Santa Barbara County, California. Long revered as wine country, the landscape has provided the perfect backdrop with it’s air, soil, sunlight, and water for producing some of the highest quality, highest testing premium cannabis in the State of California.

Farm To Bowl

  • Premium
  • Sustainable
  • Organic

We have been growing medical marijuana for patients in the State of California for the last 10 years. We are Prop 215 Compliant and utilize proprietary growing techniques helping us achieve maximum yield, maximum potency, and the highest grade cannabis we can produce.

Where To Buy.

805 Farmily Indoor and Greenhouse Strains can be found at the following hand selected retailers. Our flowers are grown in Santa Barbara County and we are proud to serve the patients in the California Central Valley.


Delivery Only

Ventura, CA

Santa Barbara Care Center

5814 Gaviota St.

Goleta, CA 93117

Dab Dudes

Delivery Only

Santa Barbara, CA


805 Farmily currently cultivates sustainable artisan cannabis both via Indoor and Greenhouse facilities. Information on each strain including photos can be found below.


Sweet Happiness. This delicious Sativa delivers a stimulating, uplifting high.

Girl Scout Cookies

The Cooks. A young Hybrid that has already achieved legendary status.

Sunset Sherbet

Juicy Fruity. A Girl Scout Cookie derived Hybrid that is very Indica heavy.

Fire OG

The Original Fire. One of the strongest Hybrids from the OG strain family.


San Fernando’s Finest. A Sativa dominant hybrid with lemon and pine scents.

White Buffalo

Rare & Sacred. A Sativa dominant strain with snowy, caked trichome flowers.


Ono Pakalolo. A Sativa strain relative to the historic Hawaiian sativas.

Gorilla Glue

Good ol' GG #4. A Hybrid strain as beastly as the animal it is named after.

Sour Diesel

The Sour D. A Sativa dominant strain named for it's diesel fuel like aroma.


The latest 805 Farmily news including rotational strain announcements, upcoming events, new distribution partners, and updates from around the farm.

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